Bellroy Elements Range Arrived at Zixag

Bellroy Elements Range is now in house.

The 3 items: Elements Travel, Elements Pocket, Elements Sleeve, are designed using the all-weather leather and water-resistant zips, making them the perfect travel companion for all weather conditions.

Time to upgrade the protection for your wallet.


It’s hot in summer, want to have a cold drink without diluting at the end?

Hard Ice Beverage Chiling Wands, you must have! Just keep them in the freezer, and they are ready to cool your drinks again and again.

The hook shape allow the wand to hand off the side of most glasses, what an adorable design!

We’re on the guide book


There’re loads of fun places to explore in HK. Travel expert Ms Cyrus Chan tells you where to go and what to eat in this guide book, makes sure you have a great experience travelling to HK.

Both Zixag Studio and Gallery are featured in the book as well. Come and see what you can find out at our stores!


(Large photo at our facebook page)


Hypergrand, a young and fashionable Singaporean watch brand, uses military material NATO for the strap construction. Users could change another strap easily with the special for different occasion.

Almost forget! We are now having a 20% off discount for celebrating the summer holiday. So come down and get your favorite items at our stores.



VOID Watches draws heavily on the Scandinavian design tradition using simple geometries and materials often found in architecture.

Just like a great building is designed to fit its environment, all VOID Watches are made to sit perfectly on your wrist.


More than two hands, this LEFF clock (Wyzer) is a graphic composition displaying time. Comes with a high torque german movement, Wyzer guarantees to be a perfect and reliable timepiece. 

You can draw the numbers on the wall, create your own unique clock!

Stretch Saturday this weekend

We are just 4 days away from Stretch Saturday, Hong Kong’s very first yoga-day-out. It’s a day for you all to stretch and sweat together with the goal of yoga-for-all. 

Zixag is part of the 200 event partners. Of course we are not a yoga studio, but with your badge, we offer you a 10% off of Jade Yoga products at Sai Street Store this Saturday. Enjoy!

Sign up HERE

More Details


Four passionate young men share the dream of creating a watch brand named TRIWA (Transforming the Industry of Watches) and set up a creative studio in Stockholm. They believe that the main purpose of the wristwatch is to look and feel good.

More to see at TRIWA’s website

Summer Chill!

Get chilled with our cool products prepared for you to enjoy the summer:

1. Frozzypack Cold Lunch Box - HK$210

2. Final Touch Ice Wands - HK$398

3. Ji hyunchung Handmade Porcelain - HK$170-620

4. Menu Wine Breather - HK$770

5. Normann Copenhagen Long Glass (set of 2) - HK$560

6. Final Touch Hardice Cube (set of 8) - HK$398

After all, having fun is the most important in this season!