On 29 & 30 March, “On Air” was held around the Tai Ping Shan neighbourhood, it is an event organized by local NGO, Clean Air Network, to raise the awareness of our air quality, and find the ways to make Hong Kong a better place to live in. Glad that Zixag could be part of it!

At Zixag, we care about our environment. Supporting CAN’s On Air is only small part of our green business, we are currently collaborating with Go Green for an on-going campaign called "Water for free". If you are thirsty, just get in our Sai Street store and have some free water! It’s good for your health and the landfill. BTW, the bill is on us, no worries!


A new setting of bookshelf at our K11 store!

Books from “MCCM Creations” which publishes titles that have a strong cultural slant, ranging from architecture, art, design in Hong Kong and other cities.

Also, they have published some books illustrated fiction and picture for young adults.

To experience different cities’ cultures, visit our shop, read them all in a corner quietly!!

What if the world were a village of 100 people?

In 2008, designer Toby Ng gathered statistics about the diversity of the world’s population and turned the numbers into “The World of 100”. And with this interesting idea, the series has gained applause and recognition around the world.

Not only is this book a collection of an award-winning design, these postcards also connect you to other villagers. It is now available at Sai Street store with limited number! 


This is not just a lunchbox, it is a really “Cool” lunchbox!

Made in Sweden, Frozzypack is a unique lunchbox with integrated cooling gel in the lid.

Just put the lid in the freezer for 10 hours, and it keeps your food fresh up to 7 hours at normal room temperature. Doesn’t it sound perfect for salad, sushi, jelly and cold noodles for the summer?

See us on TV!

Thanks TVB for the feature of our Sai Street store, if you wanna see more about the interview, click this link.

If you wanna know what new products we have these days, we invite you to visit us at Sai Street!



Did you know you can save up to $3 per coffee by bringing your own cup to Starbucks & Pacific Coffee? Try your own Barista-standard reusable Keepcups from Australia! Microwave, and dishwater friendly, and good on your conscience.


We have Sveinbjorg’s Window and Wall Stickers this weekend.

The A4 sized stickers - Garden Party birds with berries, are available in silvery grey and black. Easy to mount and extremely durable. Let’s give a lively makeover to your walls and windows!!

Sai Street Store special opening hour tomorrow!

As the charity art event Art walk is held tomorrow, Sai Street Store will have a special opening hour from 1pm to 9pm for you guys to enjoy late night shopping while appreciating art works at our neighbor Sin Sin / AP Contemporary.

We will provide free water to support “Water for free” campaign as well!

See you tomorrow night!

The Bookshop is still there til mid June

After 5 years’ operation, our friend, the Bookshop announced to say goodbye with fans before, but now we have some kind of good news: their last day will extend to 14 June 2014. Don’t miss the last chance to enjoy the fun of reading the good books there!

P.S. We are still selling MCCM’s books at our stores too!



"Tian Tian Xiang Shang" is a Chinese saying means improve daily, which inspires local artist, Danny Yung, to create this comic character. 

Besides, the original pointing up Tian Tian. Now, we have a limited edition box set which includes the new hands in pocket version Tian Tian. Come on guys, show us some creativity!